(Workshop) Flipped Classroom Design

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Flipped Classroom Design

Prof. Dr. Omid Fatemi (University of Tehran)

Flipped classroom is increasingly being used by instructors. The idea is to flip the traditional classes. In those classes the instructor teaches the course in the class. At that time, higher level of learning is not achieved and therefore assignments and projects are given to students. It means at the time achieving higher level on learning is expected the instructor is not present.

The idea is to flip this. In the absence of the instructor the learners watch the instruction by the instructor. Then in the time of class and in the presence of the instructor discussion, analysis, solving the problems and .. are done. It means the higher levels of learning are achieved in the presence of the instructor.

In this workshop the procedure to design, implement and perform such classes is discussed with presenting the following topics.

  • Bloom taxonomy for learning objectives
  • Flipped classroom introduction
  • Instruction strategies
  • Design and making a learning video clip
  • Mayer’s principles for multimedia learning
  • Active learning
  • Flipped classroom requirements
  • Preparing the content and activities
  • Performing the class