Education & Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds

3-8 October 2021

Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler

(c) K.J. Lassig

Thomas Köhler (*1966) works as Professor for Educational Technology at the TU Dresden (Dresden University of Technology) Institute for Vocational Education, since 2005. He studied at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany) and Swarthmore College (USA), holds degrees in psychology and sociology, received his Ph.D. in communications psychology from FSU Jena in 1999 and a Facultas Docendi in Learning-Teaching Research and Multimedia Learning from Potsdam University (Germany) in 2006.

Besides he serves as Director of the TU Dresden Center of Open Digital Innovation and Participation (CODIP), subsequent to the TUD Media Center, as Chairmain of the Society of Media in Science and as a board member of the Leibniz Research Alliance for Open Science.

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Input Sessions by Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler:


(Roundtable) Social Analytics and Deep Learning