Education & Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds

3-8 October 2021

This year Summer School participants will present their research projects through an academic poster and an interactive presentation media.

Follow the steps below:

For its creation we recommend using PowerPoint.

Use the following templates to create your poster.

In the templates, you will also find useful tips for the creation of your poster.

5 Minutes presentation

As this year’s event is a hybrid event, there will be many people who will not have the opportunity to listen to your explanation in person. Therefore, this year you should also create interactive presentation media. This can be a video (preferably), which will guide us through the poster.

Use the following video as an example:

Send your poster and the created interactive media to Video files will probably be large, we recommend using wetransfer to transfer them. You can find a tutorial here.

Please note that your poster and interactive media:

  • will be reviewed by your mentor
  • will be displayed on GENEME
  • after evaluation and improvement, will be published on the GENEME virtual poster page as a contribution to the conference.

The deadline for submission of the academic poster (in PDF format) and its interactive presentation media (MP4 format) is September 24, 2021.

Best of luck with the elaboration of your media!