Education & Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds

3-8 October 2021

Educational Adaptations in Schools and Universities during COVID-19 Pandemic

Prof. Dr. Bruri Triyono (Negeri Yogyakarta University) and Prof. Dr. Mario Gandra (University of Rio de Janeiro)

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed changes on most, if not all, of people’s activities, from work to tourism. Education is no exception, and institutions had to adapt to the sanitary restrictions. Curricular adjustment to distance learning became a major priority during this period. Emergency regulations adapting teaching and learning structure determined the course of action at schools and universities. Mediators of this roundtable will present the cases of their institutions (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Negeri Yogyakarta University), analyzing with participants the actions taken (pros, cons, and suitability to context). The following discussion will focus on the strategies used and how they compare to other cases and contexts. Also, data about the scientific works on education published during the COVID-19 pandemic will be presented and analyzed. Which aspects received more attention? Where do these studies lead us to? Considering the actions that were taken and the research that was done, how could this impact the future of education in higher education institutions?