Education & Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds

3-8 October 2021

E-Learning, the Enabler for the New Paradigm for Future Education

Prof. Dr. Omid Fatemi (Tehran University)

There are various talks about what would be the future of education? Would it be online or face to face or blended?
In this talk, I am going to say the important thing to decide is not the delivery method but the teaching and learning method to promote deep learning. And they are achieved with the help of pedagogy, technology and digital natures of future learners.

These scenarios are compared:

  1. a) Individual learning – learner by oneself b) Social learning – learning in group
  2. a) Passive learning b) Active learning
  3. a) Better instructional design b) Using modern technology

  4. a) A very well single established method for all students b) A variety of methods for students
  5. a) 10-minute video clip for one topic (microlearning) b) One hour lecture session
  6. a) Linear course b) Non-linear course
  7. a) Instructor-led training b) Learner-centered education