Education & Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds

3-8 October 2021

Dr. Maud Ceuterick

Maud Ceuterick is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, Norway (Department of Information Science and Media Studies). Her research concentrates on the relations between gender, space and power on screen, which appears in her monograph Affirmative Aesthetics and Wilful Women: Gender, Space and Mobility in Contemporary Cinema (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). Her published work on cinema and digital media deals with topics such as virtual reality and ethnographic audiences, the road movie genre, masculinity and domesticity in transnational cinema, and women and everyday spaces on screen. Recent published articles include ‘Queering Cultural Memory through Technology: Transitional Spaces in Augmented and Virtual Reality’ (Aplhaville, 2021), and ‘Immersive Storytelling and Affective Ethnography in Virtual Reality’ (The Review of Communication, 2021).

Input Session by Dr. Maud Ceuterick:

(Mentoring Session) Gender and Intersectionality in Research