Education & Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds

3-8 October 2021

This year’s edition of the “Education & Technology” Summer School marks the 14th time that the international “Education & Technology” network realizes an intensive, international, and interdisciplinary training opportunity that aims at developing engaging research projects and seeks to foster exchange in the fields of interdisciplinary Education Sciences, Information Technology, and Digital Competence among an international group of doctoral students.

This year’s Summer School will be concerned with the overall topic of “Education and Technology in Hybrid Formats and Worlds”. Participants will learn about collaboration opportunities within the “Education & Technology” network, have an opportunity to discuss their ongoing doctoral research with experts and other doctoral students from the scientific field of interest, and broaden their scientific scope and intercultural competence by way of engaging in participatory workshop and lecture formats.

The 2021 Summer School will take place in a hybrid format, allowing both in-person and virtual participation. The goal is not only to bring young researchers together across physical and virtual borders but also to broaden participants’ understanding of the rapid growth of hybrid digital forms of engagement in a digitally-supported, international culture of scientific exchange in which new digital formats continue to be developed and are in need of continuous reflection. 

Expected Outcome of the Summer School: The aim of the Summer School is to help participants specific projects, data sets, and project ideas that are be part of the dissertation work or related to participants‘ research interest. Participants gain insight into the newest developments in the field and will have an opportunity to gain 3 ECTS Credits for the below stated engagement.

Upon acceptance to the Summer School, participants will receive access to the Autumn School web platform on which they will find preparatory materials. All participants must engage with the materials before the Autumn School starts in order to ensure a lively discussion and exchange.

In addition to that, participants will be asked to present a 5-minute interactive poster presentation at the end of the Summer School. Participants will be given instructions and a template to prepare a selected research topic/idea/data set for presentation. There will also be a session in which all participants can receive technical support.

This year, the „Education & Technology“-team collaborates with the GeNeMe-conference. Participants will give their interactive poster presentations as part of the GeNeMe program. This unique opportunity allows participants to present their work in progress and workshopped ideas to a broad, international audience. All poster presentations will later be reviewed by Summer School faculty experts and published on the GeNeMe conference website. In order to strive for the highest standard of quality, participants will be given the opportunity to revise their presentations and accompany the interactive poster with a 500-1,000 word short blog post.

Therefore, participants should arrive at the Autumn School with a draft of their interactive poster presentation and consider the extent/size of the research item that they would like to present on their poster, keeping in mind the space and time restrictions.

Participants will receive intensive, individual mentoring by established and renowned, international faculty. The faculty mentor will act as a reviewer and will be available for individual consultations throughout the Autumn School.

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